2021 27 May

Anvera con sua imbarcazione E-Lab, che effettuerà il tentativo di velocità assoluta in propulsione elettrica.

ANVERA in collaborazione con TecnoElettrae ABB prenderÓ parte alla manifestazione VENICE E-REGATTA 2021 dal 2 al 4 giugno, in concomitanza con la seconda edizione del Salone Nautico di Venezia
Anvera con sua imbarcazione E-Lab, che effettuerà il tentativo di velocità assoluta in propulsione elettrica.

ANVERA in collaboration with TecnoElettra and ABB will attendthe VENICE E-REGATTA 2021 event from 2ndto 4thJune, simultaneouslywith the second edition of Venice Boat Show, heldfrom 29thMay to 6thJune in the splendid Arsenaleframe.The E-REGATTA event, dedicated to electric propulsion boats, is organized by Assonautica of Venice, Associazione Motonautica Venice, VeniceAgenda2028, Inland Waterways International, Venti di Cultura in collaboration with Triumph Group International and Vela.All this will take place duringthree intense days,beginningon 2ndJune with a paradeof all participants in San Marco Basin and in Grand Canal, with departure and return to the Arsenale. On the second day, the Slalom trial and the new technical / artisticformat e-Ballerina trialwill take place in the morning in the large dock of the Arsenale. In the afternoon the sprint test will be held with the attempt to set a new speed record. On the third day, the test of duration and autonomy will take place followed by the awards and a conference on the Ecological Transition in the nautical world.E-Regatta is a unique event, during which the creativity of young engineers, experts in innovative and eco-sustainable propulsionmeets the industrial world, providing the industry of tomorrow with ideas and proposals, in order to imagine all together the ways of tomorrow’s eco-sustainable yachting propulsion. The final goal is indeed to develop alternative propulsion systems, using only clean energy sources to power the yachting of tomorrow. A real technological challenge to meet the energy needs of theleisure boat and shipping industries and the environmental prerogatives.ANVERAwill attend VENICE E-REGATTA 2021 event in collaboration with Tecno Elettra, with the boat Anvera E-lab.Anvera Elab is the prototype of a monohull planing boat, totally built in carbon fiber. It is the result of aprojectwhichconsistsindesigningand building apleasureboat with anall-electricpropulsion.Keytotheprojectistoconceiveaproductinwhichallitspartsareintegratedanddesignedtoachievethefinal goal of maximumefficiency.Thereforeitisnotaproductthatassemblesinnovativecomponentsbutcomponentsbornindifferentcontextsor forotherprojects.The key points to design and implement in a systematic way are:-search for maximum lightness through the use of advanced composite materials.

-study of the structures and of the centers of gravity so as to reach the maximum efficiency and the least waste of energy.-propulsion composed by: electric engine, batteries, transmission, propeller, designed and built specifically for the project.ABB, a global leader in electric charging technologies, is a sponsor of the Anvera Elab boat, recognizing boating as one of the sectors that can make a decisive contribution to the sustainable development of transportation. ABB charging stations will be installed at the e-Village quay during the 2021 Venice Boat Show, allowing the recharging of electrically powered boats. ABB's offer, which received the Global E-mobility Leader Award in 2019 for its role in supporting the international adoption of sustainable transport solutions, includes electric charging solutions for private cars, corporatefleets, commercial vehicles and buses and solutions for rail and ship transportation.ABB is the title partner in the ABB FIA Formula E World Championship, an international racing series for fully electric single-seater racecars. It brings together ABB, aglobal leader in electric vehicle fast-charging with the world’s first fully electric international motorsport class, whohave a shared commitment to drive progress towards a more sustainable future. The ABB FIA Formula E World Championship is more than arace, it enables us to push the boundaries of technology, which can be transferred from the race track to real-world situations, helping to preserve resources and enable a low-carbon society.Anvera Elab comes from the meeting of LG Srl -Anvera and TecnoElettra happened two years ago, with the aim of capitalizing on their own experiences.Anvera was born in LG srl, a companyfounded in 2002 as a company specialized in the working of composite materials and other services concerning the nautical industry. The companysuccessfully draws on experience from the Team Italia Offshore for the study and research of extreme technologies. Luca Ferrari is the initiative's promoter.In 2014, Luca Ferrari, together with Giancarlo Galeone, later joined by Gilberto Grassi, decided to take the leap at LG, with the important goal to manufacture niche products which synthesize theirknow-how. Hence the revival of this working group, which over the last 30 years has executed historical and successful projects, synonymous of great passion for the sea, technical and commercialskills, and above all with a strong intuition for trends able to dominate the market.At present Anvera produces three models, Anvera 42, Anvera 48 and Anvera 58.

TecnoElettra, born in 1974, is engaged in research, design and production of innovative systems in the field of automation and motorsport for many high-level companies.Theirskills and technologies allowthemto be able to cope with any requestyoumay have.Their production is various, fromthe flexible wiring for the first electronic injections of Formula 1, to the very recent High Tech cabling incorporated in composite material boxes, designed to be anintegral part of the body in the various locations ofuse. BesidesFormula 1,they have producedsystemsforother competition categories such as:-LMP1-2 cars, Rally, FIA GT cars and Tourism-MotoGp,SuperBike,Superstock-America’sCup boats, OffshoreTheyalsooperate in other sectors such asmilitary aeronautical and aerospace, railway and roadsafety.ABB(ABBN: SIX Swiss Ex) is a leading global technology company that energizes the transformation of society and industry to achieve a more productive, sustainable future. By connecting software to its electrification, robotics, automation and motion portfolio, ABB pushes the boundaries of technology to drive performance to new levels. With a history of excellence stretching back more than 130 years, ABB’s success is driven by about 105,000 talented employees in over 100 countries.www.abb.comThe crew onboard Anvera E-lab during theE-Regattaeventwill be made up byLuca Ferrari and austronautMaurizio Cheli.Luca Ferrari, was World Class 1 Champion as a driver in 1994 and 1997 as Team Manager, moreover he was 5 times on the podium of the world championship. Since 2014 he is one of the three founding partners of the Anvera brand.Maurizio Cheli, graduated in aerospace engineering, in 1993 obtained the qualification of Astronaut at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston.In 1996 he was hired by Alenia Aeronauticaand obtained the position of Chief Test Pilot for defense aircraft. Maurizio Cheli has to his credit over 370 hours of space activity, 5000 hours of flight on over 100 different types of aircraft, numerous patents including military aircraft and helicopters including Tornado and Eurofighter Typhoon.


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